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The Bear From Beyond
Bear From Beyond - The Search For A Savior

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Bear From Beyond Comic

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A new page is up.
Found some time to make a update. I have no idea when I'll be able to make another, but I do want to finish this story.
After yet another two year gap, I've update with a new page. I really want to finish this story and the next page should be done a heck of lot quicker than the last page.
And we're back with one new page after two years.
Page 5 and 6 are now up and the first part of The Search For A Savior story is now finished.
20-June-06 -
Main page for The Bear From Beyond comic is under construction as is the cast page. More later.

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Story and Art by Oran Rocha
The Bear From Beyond is copyright 2002-2012 KnightQuest Entertainment