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The following are the initial sketches and descriptions for the ongoing KnightQuest: The Dark Bane series. It's taking longer than I thought since I'm creating several characters and places from scratch. Updated when I have the time and new sketches appear at the bottom of the page.

Updated 20-NOV-2012

KQ1 - Rafael and Van sketch
Sir Rafael De La Rocha and Dame Vanessa Storm of the Rybalt Knighthood.
KQ2 - Dame Vanessa Storm
Van is a Rybalt knight and a ebon mage. A half-elf like Rafael and Victoria, she was rescued as a child by Gen. Diego De La Rocha as her kingdom of Stormchilde fell to a unstoppable dark bane horde.
KQ3 - Edolyn Silverdrake
Edolyn is the white witch queen of the kingdom of Silverdrake. A powerful mage, her aid is enlisted by the Rybalt in their battle against the dark bane.
KQ4 - Van sketch
Another sketch of Van in Rybalt armor.
KQ5 - Victoriel Morgana
Victoria De La Rocha or Victoriel Morgana in high elvish. Rafael's twin sister and next in line for the leadership of the Isisian elves.
KQ6 - Rafael & Victoria
As the eldest children of Gen. De La Rocha and the elf queen Gellarhion, they've defended the many lands and races of the Old Dominion and the Elvish retreat of Gella from outside peril time and again.
KQ7 - Rafael headshot
Rafael is a Rybalt knight. Eldest son of General Diego De La Rocha and the dark elf queen Gellarhion. He is one of the greatest Rybalt knights and the main hero of KnightQuest.
KQ8 - Amadora Silverdrake
Amadora is the daughter of Edolyn and the future witch queen of Silverdrake.
KQ9 - Rafael skecthes & a intial Van headshot
This is one of many attempts at locking down the look of Rafael's Rybalt uniform and armor. I came up with the concept of the Rybalt just after I created the Tybalt and Cobalt years ago. But I hadn't designed anything for the Rybalt until recently. Van's ears are longer in this pic as I experiment with their size.
Victoriel Victoriel Morgana
Victoriel Morgana, First Princess of Isisia and it's future queen.
KQ11 - Rafael Rybalt uniform color sketch
This is a quick sketch I later colored to show of what the Rybalt uniform looks like.
KQ12 - Vanessa headshots
Headshot of Dame Storm in Rybalt gear.
KQ13 - Vanessa head on and profile
KQ14 - Vanessa headshots
More Van headshots
KQ15 - Rafael headshots
Heashots of Sir Rafael and a elf woman.
KQ16 - Rafael with sword.
Quick sketch of Rafael with sword.
KQ17 - Rybalt sword sketch
Quick sketch I did for a sword use by traditional Rybalt knights.
KQ18 - De La Rocha women
The woman of the De La Rocha family. From left to right, Diana, Gellarhion, Victoriel, Keira, Demetriel,and Hestiel. The De La Rocha family is what Kredans called "All-Blood". It means that the blood of the many Kredan races flows in their veins. Which is why the family appears to be made up of humans, elves, and other non-humans. All-bloods tend to show the various traits of their bloodline, both good or bad. Gallery 5 has some pictures and sketch of the other Kredan races, like the Nid'ar or Jovans.
KQ19 - De La Rocha women color scan.
KQ20 - Autumn headshot
Autumnfall or more commonly called Autumn. Isisian dark elf handmaiden and guard to Victoriel.
KQ21 - Gellarhion headshot
Gellarhion, elf queen of Gella. Mother of Sir Rafael and Princess Victoriel.
KQ22 - High Queen Rhuennara sketch
The Du-Sith queen Rheunnara of Querlann. Rheunnara is du-sith, or a black elf of faerie. She is the high queen of many lands because of her unrivaled power and brutality. She is the great-grandmother of Gellarhion.
KQ24 - Hestiel
A small sketch of Hestiel. She is Rafael's and Victoriel's younger sister. She is also a Almer, an amphibious race of Kreda.
KQ25 - Diana the Huntress
A quick headshot sketch of Diana De La Rocha. Another of Rafeal's sisters, Diana is a ranger who protrols the roads between the two halves of the Tarkol Empire. Many creatures of the dark bane have fallen to her deadly bow and arrow.
KQ26 - The Gnome
A sketch of a villian. Currently calling him the Gnome.
KQ27 - Djinn
Sketches of female Djinn.
KQ28 - Djinn of the Lamp
Headshot of the evil djinn of the lamp.
KQ29 - Sibyl, Priest of Tyberius
Initial sketches of Sibyl, a tyberian priestess. She's also a Jovan woman.
KQ30 - Diana
Diana sketch.
KQ31 - Lancelot headshot
Headshot sketch of Lancelot in new headgear.
KQ31 - Lancelot sketch
KQ32 - Sir Durgan
Initial sketch for the dwarf Sir Durgan, Rybalt master knight.
Princess of Hathor KQ33 - Princess of Hathor
The dark elf kingdom of Hathor was a long time ally of the dark elf kingdom of Osiris. But since Osiris' destruction and the mass exodus of its survivor's to the far off northern queendom of Isisia, the bond between the two has weaken. The princess hopes to change that.
KQ34 - Armelia
Armelia a is drow assassin who finds herself suddenly without any ties. Without a house or a guild to belong to, this assassin is open prey for any number of enemies that she gained in her long deadly life. Her only salvation comes from the deadly drow queen Rhuennara. She is to plegde herself to the House of De La Rocha and act as a guard for the Du-Sith queen's favorite scion, Sir Rafael. For they both share common enemies. She is pledged to see that no harm comes to him, even if it kills her.
KQ35 - Dame Storm
headshot sketch of Dame Storm.
KQ31a - Dame Storm headshot in color
KQ36 - Princess Amadora
Headshot sketch of Princess Amadora of Silverdrake.
KQ37 - Van headshots
Various headshot sketches of Dame Vanessa.
KQ38 - Dame Storm
headshot of Dame Storm.
K39 - Dame Vanessa Storm
Dame Storm is a Rybalt Knight master and a Ebon Witch of great power. A former squire to General De La Rocha and a mentor to Sir Rafael, she has become legend in her dealings with the forces of the evil Dark Bane. The emperor himself has made her his personal nemesis enforcer, his Lady Nemesis. No matter what evil crawls forth from the Wastes, she has protected those threaten and slained many a demon. Many in the empire and without owe her their lives. But, she is as much feared by the people as she is love. For she is dark bane herself. Most likely, the most powerful one ever.
KQ40 - The Olorad
The demon lord Olorad emerges from the shadows. The Olorad is a demon of dark power that rules the Wastes, the wretched land that separates the Tarkol Empire in two. Over the centuries, he and his demonic horde have warred with the emperors of Tarkolia and the Rybalt Knights over dominion of the land.
Weylan De La Rocha KQ41 - Weylan De La Rocha
Sketch of the Omnismith Weylan, a nid'ar male without his tribal markings. A younger brother to Sir Rafael and Lady Victoriel. Like most omnismiths, he is a craftsman of unmatched skill and a endless inventor. His works have vastly improved the way of life of the people of Isisia.
Sir Rafael KQ42 - Sir Rafael
A head shot sketch of Sir Rafael. You also get a look at the sigil of the Rybalt Knights.
Rybalt Dwarf KQ43 - Rybalt Dwarf
A quick sketch of a rybalt dwarf.
Princess of Hathor and Dame Storm KQ44 - Princess of Hathor and Dame Storm
A quick color sketch of the princess of the dark elf kingdom of Hathor and the only ebon witch to be of the Rybalt Knighthood. Dame Storm's eyes are black whenever she calls on the power of her dark bane heritage. Also a better look of the Rybalt sigil.
KQ45 - Princess of Hathor and Dame Storm alt color
A alternate hair color for the hathorian princess. I haven't decided which looks best.
KQ46 - Tyberian Priestess Sibyl
A color sketch of Sibyl.
KQ47 - Dame Storm
A sketch of Dame Storm that I used for a wallpaper.
KQ48 - Dame Storm Wallpaper
KQ49 - Roma
The Tarkolian Goddess Roma, goddess of the Tarkol empire's capital city and the patron of the Rybalt Knights.

KQ50 - Huntress Diana
A quick sketch of Diana in battle armor.
KQ51 - Gargoyle Femme
Headshot sketch of a female gargoyle.

KQ52 - Gargoyle Femme
Another sketch of a female gargoyle in color.
KQ53 - Rybalt Lord Marshal
Sketch of the Lord Marshal of the Rybalt Knights.

KQ54 - Silverdrakes
Sketch of Princess Amadora and a prelim. head sketch of a Silverdrake.

KQ55 - Dread Queen Nekroma
The dreaded drow queen Nekroma.
KQ56 - Osirian Dark Elf
This is an old sketch of a dark elf refugee. Her hair hides her ears.
KQ57 - Orc
Old sketch of a orc.
KQ58 - Victoria Wolfen
Picture of Victoria in her humanoid wolfen wereform. As the daughter of a lycanthrope alpha lord, Victoria was the first to exhibit signs of lycanthropy. Warning!! Nudity!!!
KQ59 - Ifrit
Headshot sketch of an Ifrit.
KQ60 - Victoria Wereform2
Sketch of Victoria in wereform.Warning!Nudity!
KQ61 - Reina Were-form
Sketch of Reina, a citizen of Sabledrake, who gets attacked and infected by a gang of werewolves.
KQ62 - Rafael
Sketch of Sir Rafael.
KQ63 - Dark Bane thumbnail
Thumbnail from KnightQuest The Dark Bane of Rafael cutting his way through orcs.

KQ64 - Diana Sketch
Sketch of Diana in battle armor.
KQ65 - Rafael in action
Sir Rafael, ready to strike.
KQ66 - Spirit Jailya sketch
Rough sketch of Jailya, a elven summon spirit used by Rafeal. Also a sketch of the Rybalt mystic source Roma in the upper corner.Warning! Nudity.
KQ67 - Dame Storm Gypsy
This is a really rough sketch I did for the second chapter of the Dark Bane. Its of Dame Storm in a gypsy disguise.
KQ68 - Princess Sigaine
These are rough headshots I did of a new character who will appear in the later part of the next chapter. She's half tarkolian and I'm still working on how their noses' look, covered in bone. Since she's a princess, I've tried a couple of sculpted, ornate looks for her nose.
KQ69 - Dame Storm Rybalt uniform sketch
Quick sketch of Dame Storm's Rybalt armor. Her uniform is different from other Rybalts.
KQ70 - Rybalt Quartermaster
Quick sketch of the Rybalt wizard class, The Quartermaster, with staff. The majority of the Rybalt order is made up of Knights Paladin, who are trained to fight supernatural forces with magic objects. The order's wizard class is tasked with created the various spells, potions, magic weapons, and etc. The Quartermasters are essential to the Rybalt as the paladins in the field are not able to be fully trained mages.
KQ71 - Quartermaster Sketch
A better sketch of a Rybalt wizard or Quartermaster.
KQ72 - OneLeader and Pathkeepers
Picture of the new OneLeader of the Bloodfang tribe and his two Pathkeeper shamans.
KQ73 - Selina sketch
Sketch of the werelion Selina, a former imperial soldier that served under General De La Rocha.
KQ74 - Frost Elf sketch
Sketch of Frost Elves.
KQ75 - Nude Female Tarkolian
Sketch of a female Tarkolian, one of the warrior races of the Kreda worlds and primary race of the Tarkolian Empire that the House of De La Rocha is apart of. Shown with her bone claw talons and elbow spikes extended.
KQ76 - El'lisa Sketches
Sketches of a new Kredan race I created, called the El'lisa at the moment. Still have some things to tweak about the design.

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