KnightQuest:The Dark Bane - The Story So Far.....
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Chronicle One - The Red Duke

The BloodFang Orc tribe has abducted the Queen of Silverdrake, Edolyn. They need her latent dragon magic in her blood to sustain Maldok, the dread god they are about to revive. Her only hope is the Rybalt Knight Paladin, Sir Rafael De La Rocha, who once long ago served the queens of Silverdrake as its Duke of War.

Chronicle Two - The Lady Nemesis

The port city of Pamona in the Tarkol Empire has fallen victim to a series of brutal murders. Murders that continue despite the words of the local government that assure the Tarkolia Prime otherwise. It is apparent to the Emperor that something supernatural is at work in Pamona. Something that has subverted the Empire and his will. Something he cannot let stand.
To seek out the culprits, he sends his best agent, Dame Vanessa Storm. She is a Rybalt Witch Knight, the only one ever, with magic that dwarfs the best mages in the Empire and she possesses skills in the martial arts that make her the perfect assassin for the Emperor. She is his deadly hand. She is the Lady Nemesis.

Chronicle Three - Queens and Hunters

With the defeat of the One-Leader of the BloodFang Orc tribe and the dread god Maldok, Queen Edolyn and Silverdrake is saved. With Diana and her Hunters aid, Rafael starts to cleanse the countryside of the various threats that have plagued Silverdrake. Finally out of danger, Queen Edolyn reminiscences about her family's long association with the Red Duke as he aids in the rebuilding. Lady Blade, Cobalt leader, learns of her group's failure to keep Tarkolia from regaining control of Elderaan. Dame Storm is improving her abilities in the Wastes when a explosion in the distance catches her attention. Marva and her fellow Hunters adjust to their new positions as royal guards. And Edolyn awaken magic unlocks yet another crime against Silverdrake.

Chronicle Four - The Tybalt

Its been discoverd that Princess Amadora, daughter to Queen Edolyn, has been kidnapped and her existance erased from memory of the royal court. Believing that she was kidnapped for youth and her dragon blood to make highly dangerous magic, Rafael sets out to rescue her. But, he can't do it as a Rybalt knight. Silverdrake is still vulnerable and he needs to have her kidnappers believe her in the hands of a complete unknown. Someone not known from any land or organization. Thus, the Tybalt Knight is born.


All characters and art are copyright 2004-2012 Oran Rocha/KnightQuest Entertainment.