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Welcome to the second art gallery for KnightQuest Online. This gallery contains anthropomorphic artwork and characters from my Beyonderan comics and the animated short I did in college.
I just want to point out that most of these pictures were done years ago. I've improved somewhat.

Beyondera art
Mega Cardinal My first character. Created on the back of my notebook in VA history class in the 4th grade.
cartoon scene This is base on a scence from the cartoon I did in college. Without a doubt my best class EVER!
The following are just a bunch of sketches I did when I got bored.

model010 model011 model4 model7 model8
christmas card Image used for the family Christmas card a few years back.
Christmas card The final picture.
Christsmas 2002 Christmas card for 2002. For sale at the KnightQuest store.
Riff Riff, a Triffan, which is half tiger, half falcon mix. Like a reverse griffin.
Weather One of the main characters in my upcoming Bear From Beyond series.
BfB sketch Old drawing of the main BFB character that I've cleaned up a bit.
Lucky The main character again.
wraith Another BfB character, one of the two Wraith ninjas.
reading day A sketch that was later used for a family calender.
Weather headshot sketch headshot sketch of Weather.
Santa's helper Roxxanne Christmas sketch.
Fatal Fury Sundra Sundra as Mai from Fatal Fury.
Lucky as Cyclops from the X-Men.
Zuke swim
Riff in Flight2 Another pic of the riff in flight.
Christmas sketch A prelim Christmas sketch for next family Christmas card.
Beyonder sketch quick color sketch of the Beyonder.
Color sketch of Storm, the Beyonder's deputy.
Princess Azelda Sketch of Princess Azelda of Silvertron.
Ninji bunny Shigagi The deadly ninja Shigagi.
Bear From Beyond Sketch Storm and the Beyonder
Raff Sketch of the triffan Raff without her wings.
Triffan female Sketch of a triffan female with her wings.
Triffan male Sketch of a triffan male without his wings.
Shamrock sketch Sketch of the triffan girl Shamrock.

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