Benedictine Studios Gallery 6 - KnightQuest Online
Benedictine Studios Gallery
Welcome to junk art gallery for KnightQuest Online. This gallery contains quick sketches and rough designs.
Junk/MISC Art

pencilsThis was just me getting use to using a pencil. I really prefer to use a ink pen.
pencilAnother pencil test.
unfinished tatoo sketch A prelimanary sketch for a tatoo someone wanted me to design.
dino sketches Sketches for a dinosaur theme splash page assignment.
DinosaursMore dinosaurs.
DinosaursMisc. dinosaurs.
a gargoyle A gargoyle
Misc sketch 1
HellionHellion, a little devil character I created.
Angel and Devil Girl Angelgirl and Devilgirl sketch
Last Chance thumbnail This is a thumbnail from the original Last Chance series.
Super Hero Junk

Awesomegirl A head shot sketch of Awesome Girl
Awesome Girl and Hyper Girl Awesome Girl and Hyper Girl sketch
Hyperman costume sketch A quick costume study sketch of a new Hyperman costume.
La'Boch Sketch of La'Boch, a Nid'ar hybrid, from the Space Legion comic.
Fan Art Junk

Another Leila sketch.
Superman a odd sketch of Superman.
Supergirl and Batgirl sketch A quick Supergirl and Batgirl sketch
Supergirl sketches rough Supergirl sketches
Kim and Ron Kim Possible and Ron sketch.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sketch a quick sketch of the ninja turtles.
Batgirl and Empress a unfinished sketch of the new Batgirl and Young Justice's Empress.
Luigi sketch a sketch of Luigi Mario. I'm still playing around with the plumbing outfits.
supergirl sketches More Supergirl sketches.
JML's Dawn Dawn sketch
Cammy A sketch of Cammy and Blanka from Street Fighter.
Black Widow quick sketch This is a quick initial sketch of Black Widow that I'll later finish.
Rouge prelim sketch A prelim sketch for Rouge from Sonic X.
Ron and Rufus sketch A sketch of Ron and Rufus from Kim Possible.
Shego sketch More KP fanart. A sketch of Shego.
Mihoshi and Ryoko Mihoshi and Ryoko head shots.
Inspector Gadget a quick sketch of Inspector Gadget.
Fan Colors

The following pictures were not drawn by me. They are attempts by myself to become a better colorist.
Casey Jones Mary Jane Sketch Jason Pearson Rogue sketch Frank Cho's X-Gals Adam Hughes Spidey Sketch Adam Hughes She-Hulk sketch Adam Hughes Lara Croft sketch Adam Hughes Super Girl sketch Adam Hughes Lara Croft sketch Adam Hughes Batgirl skecth Adam Hughes Mary Marvel sketch Wondergirl sketch by Adam Hughes and Rubinstein Shanna sketch by Adam Hughes Power Girl sketch by Adam Hughes Adam Hughes Batgirl Sketch Art Adams Gatchama sketch Art Adams Tigra sketch Wonder Woman by Ed McGuinness Liberty Meadow's Brandy sketch by Adam Hughes Captain America sketch by Adam Hughes Lara Croft sketch by Adam Hughes Lara Croft sketch by Adam Hughes Black Panther cover by Frank Cho Sue Storm sketch by Adam Hughes Witchblade sketch by Adam Hughes

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