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Last Chance The Beast Hunter

Last Chance The Beast Hunter Status - Ongoing
Last This is Last. He is a beast tamer, a magic user. He and others like him are tasked with protecting the slowly rebuilt society of Kimua-Adan from the leftover weapons of countless Sorceror's Wars, beasts. These magic wielding frontline weapons scattered across the land reactive and cause all out destruction. Now, in addition to these beasts, Last and his team must battle dark wizards, enraged spirits, and things waiting to attack.

KnightQuest: The Dark Bane Status - Ongoing

Darkness threathens the many worlds of Kreda. Creatures of nautre's dark fury known as the Dark Bane are growing in number and power. The only hope against this growing darkness are Knights paladin of the Order of Rygar, Rybalt Knights. One such knight, Sir Rafael, patrols the eastern edge of the Tarkol Empire, the Old Dominions of Elderaan. Aided in this quest by his sister, the huntress Diana and others, they protect the empire and other lands hunting down the many forces of the Dark.

The Bear From Beyond Status - Updates Sporadically
The Bear From Beyond The Shepherd gods have evolved to a higher plane of existance, leaving this one behind. This leaves their former homeworld of Beyondera amd their advanced technology up for grabs as well of countless worlds formerly under their protection. All of this falls to the last Guardian of the Shepards, The Bear From Beyond.


Demon's Heart
Demon's Heart
The End of Roun Mini-Comic
DH001 DH002 DH003 DH004

Unfinished Awesome Girl story Status - On Hiatus
Awesome Girl comic

Showcase for non-KnightQuest comics.
Fred Perry's Gold Diggers-The Lesson
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