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Well, here it is, page DB245. The page that I originally drew when I was ready to get back in the swing of things weeks ago. I wasn't really thrill about the original thumbnails that had Rafael and Quirinus talking about what happened with the elves. So, I thought up a new scene with these two Rybalt quartermasters. It leads into a lot a things and I was happy. Only to remember the next day that I had drawn talky page with Raf and Quirinus and I needed to expand on the two pages. Things will heat up next week, mild rant over.
Two new pages to make up for the lack of updates. I drew a page about three weeks ago, I did the pencils and most of the inks before going to bed for work. The next day at work I remembered that the last page I posted introduced a new character, barely. And the page I had done was a completely different scence that lasted for four pages meaning that it would be some time before we got back to them. So, not wanting to break the flow, I had to set that page aside and create new pages to fill the gap. These two pages should be enough until the next update on Aug 11.
Sorry for the lack of updates. The last time I updated was during the early hours of April 30. Later that day, just before 11am my father died. A lot of stuff happened. A week later we were in grambling, louisiana for a funeral. So I been kind of out of it for the past couple of weeks. Lucky for me I finished DB240 at the same time as I did the last update. I'm slowly getting back in the swing of things. More next week.
New page of The Dark Bane and also Last Chance The Beast Hunter.
Rafael Two new pages to celebrate KnightQuest-Online's anniversary.
Evil Superman Two new pages of The Dark Bane (Sort of). I misplaced the script for DB232 and had to come up with new dialogue for it as seen here. I finally managed to find the page and added in the dialogue I had intended. More next week.
Michelle Jenneke New page of The Dark Bane is now up. I might change this page later as I misplaced the script page.
Sam Neil Two page update this time to make up for the missed week.
Jessica Nigri First new Dark Bane page of the new year. Sorry for the delay, I was having trouble with the page layout and with limited time just focused on doing Last Chance pages the last couple of weeks. Although things are now reverse on that note. Both comics should be back next week. More later.
Kate Upton Last Sunday was KnightQuest-Online's 11th anniversary. To celebrate I went back with a three page update. That's right eleven years ago I decided to start drawing and posting comics on the internet. I started with Last Chance on a webhost that I should have check out more before I choose it. I posted three pages a week, or at least tried to, I had dial-up and it would cut out at times. I'm still still doing Last Chance, its nearing 400 pages, and of course I'm also doing The Dark Bane as well. And I'm not going stop anytime soon. Sorry if I'm rambling, it been a weird couple of days working on five pages at once.
Last Sorry for the late update but I had trouble with the current page and was working on all new pages for Last Chance. Check out the cover and two new pages.
New page is up as Dame Storm finds who she was looking for. A character that originally was suppose to appear last chapter as Van reported to the Emperor. But I decided to hold her back. I had more than enough new characters appearing. Rafael and Diana return to the main story next week.
The next chapter, Nation Building starts today with two new pages. Okay, one of them is a cover. But, still, 2 new pages. Chronicle 5 continues next week.
After last weeks power outage, photoshop crash and other crap the last page of chapter 4 is finally up. The next chapter should start next week. There may or may not be a cover up.
Rafael De La Rocha KnightQuest The Dark Bane has reached page 200 and is still going strong. With page 200 Tink makes a reappearance as does mention of Sigyn. Two more pages until the current chapter ends and the next begins. It will deal with the fallout of the Empire losing the Anvil valley, Princess Sigyn arriving to Silverdrake prematurely, more of the Neion and what has gone on in Silverdrake in Rafael's absence. Next update should happen next week.
A new page of the Dark Bane is up. As things go I have the next two pages already inked to the point that the next comic should be up next monday. If this keeps up I may be able to start drawing Last Chance TBH pages again.
New page of The Dark Bane with the second appearance of a new character, Ilmara Faye. She made her first appearance in DB186 and will be appearing more in the future.
Got behind on the comic last week recovering from working multiple days for black friday, including the following saturday. Which was a first for me. I'm trying something new with my schedule but I'll try to maintain the my current habit of updating on the weekend.
Last week when I managed to draw and ink two pages instead of one. Which was lucky for me since this week I had to work black friday and tomorrow morning. Here's an actual friday update of the Dark Bane and a sketch of a new Kredan race.

Did a bit of house cleaning on the site so to speak. I've updated the Dark Bane Story So Far page.
Hey, look! An actual friday update.
I had a bunch of stuff come up that sidetracked my work on both comics. Sorry about that.
Once again I forgot the script page for the next comic. But I did update the Dark Bane gallery and the Prelims page with a sketch of a female tarkolian. Now all I have to do is update the page with all the Kredan races.
Ran into some problems that delayed this weeks update. Sorry.
The current page was delayed due to the fact that thursday, my aunt and sister flew into attend my father's retirement luncheon, which was on friday. I managed to ink the page this morning before I went to free comic book day and to see the Avengers. I plan on working on more sketches and pages next week as I'm mostly free.
New page and some new sketches of frost elves on the prelims page.
Sorry for the delay, I was busy dealing with taxes and misplaced my thumbnails for page 160. All that took me some time to finish up and now it's done. I've also updated Last Chance with a new page.
IronMan-Avengers Sorry for the late update, I've been dealing with some stuff this week. I'm trying to get things back on track.
KatieH Okay, I could get to my regular scanner so I had to make due this week with a crappy scan. I'll change it when I get a chance.
Cool World A new chapter starts off today. Chronicle Four The Tybalt. I've also updated some of the galleries. Gallery 4 now home to finished Dark Bane artwork, unlike the prelims page that has rough sketches, initial designs and the like.
The Greatest Turbo Boost Ever!! And we're back with a new page as we learn some more about the elves from the last couple of pages and Diana plans for the future. This is the 150th page and one more page to go until the next chapter starts.
Tybalt Sigil Working on the next couple of pages to end this chapter on, but I did get inspired and did the inks for the next chapter's cover.
The comic is late due to the fact that my desktop is infected with a virus. I'm taking care of it, but there only so much I can do when its at my house and I spend most of my time here at my Dad's. Monday's Last Chance update shouldn't run into any snags as the next page is done.
Had to work at the store thanksgiving thursday to black friday morning. That completely screwed up my schedule. But, the new page is now up as well as Last Chance.
And here we have the first in story appearace of a Tybalt Knight. I had a bit of rewriting to do on these next couple of pages which is why I missed last week's update. As planned, this chapter would have ended in one page with Princess Amadora already rescued by Rafael after the part we just saw with Dame storm. On their way back from the Northern Forge to Silverdrake they see the same huge blast that Dame Storm saw last page. But that was too quick. Also, the people who I had kidnapped the princess originally presented a lot of plot problems so they were changed to someone already seen. So, the hunters will be making another appearance, as will another queen and you will see a Tybalt knight in action.

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