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Updated 13-September-21

Gallery One - KnightQuest Superheores/Villains.
Katana2 Fly-Man sketch Awesome Girl sketch

Gallery Two - Beyonderan gallery
Bear From Beyond Sketch Beyonder color sketch Storm Ninja Shigagi

Gallery Three - Fan Art gallery
Wendy O Koopa sketch

Gallery Four - KnightQuest The Dark Bane Gallery

Selina sketch Prince Halian
Knightquest The Dark Bane Comic
Concept sketches for my Knightquest:The Dark Bane webcomic series.

Gallery Five - Misc KnightQuest Comics characters/Art

Gallery Six - Misc./Junk art
Cammy Black Widow prelim sketch Rouge prelim sketch Ron and Rufus prelim sketch Shego Sketch
Fan Colors
Frank Cho's Black Panther#8 art Adam Hughes Sue Storm sketch Adam Hughes Witchblade sketch

Gallery 7 - Gift Art
Ingrid Third fanart Colors by Jen Li

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All artwork belongs to Oran Rocha unless otherwise noted. All Last Chance, KnightQuest: The Dark Bane, Bear From Beyond, Demon's Heart, Space Legion and any other related characters are copyright KnightQuest Entertainment. All other characters are copyright their respected owners.