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Benedictine Studios Gallery

This gallery contains artwork of many misc KnightQuest characters from various series.


Victoria WereformVictoria in wereform.
HuntressMy Italian Goddess of the Hunt
Diana The Huntress Another pic of my Italian goddess.
katana yeti pysthe The assassin Katana, the powerful and agile Yeti, and the mystic ninja Pysthe.
Last Chance thumbnail This is a thumbnail from my Last's Chance comic.
La'Boch La'Boch La'Boch, a character from the Space Legion series, a Nid'ar hybrid.
The Creature The Creature headshot.

Last and his Beasts Pics
Behind Susie, Deva is Last's second most powerful beast. Tyger Cat is a beast created by Last's mother as a guardian A different look for Deva. Felina, a cat beasts whose background has undergone several revisions. Minnie, A cowgirl beast A rough sketch of Minnie</a>
<a href=Sargossa. A turtle beast that looks nothing like this in her new design
Tygercat A work in progress of Tygercat in action against a rock golem.
Deva Quick sketch of Deva.
Last Chance Last Chance line sketch and color version
Susie Sketch of Susie in beast battle gear.
Sketch of another of Last's beasts. The skunk girl Elise.
Nekka, Sargossa, and Tyger Cat.
Other Tamers and Beasts

Creme A sketch of Creme. A beast that belong to another tamer named Ronnie.
Yojoshi The beast tamer Yojoshi that battled Last in the first Last Chance series.
Prima The tamer Prima Rhea, a former childhood friend of Last.
Samantha Lee Sketch of beast tamer Sam Lee.
Felicity Sketch of beast catgirl Felicity.
Ryu Sketch of Last's friend Ryu.
Sketch of the guardian spirit, Ryoko.
quick sketch of Tiga, one of Prima's alphas.
Color version of the sorceress Kassandra Winggate.
Ravenskull sketch Prelim sketch of the demoness Ravenskull.
Ravenskull sketch Another sketch of Ravenskull without wings.
Yojoshi and his alpha monkey girl, Suki.
Ho-Ho, a monkey beast belonging to Yojoshi.

Demon's Heart
A new comic I'm working on that is still being developed into something solid.
Jubei Sierra Quenya Dakota Merle Merle Ishtara

Ishtara Demon Queen Ishtara
Sierra Sierra
Dakota Dakota
Dakota & Jubei Dakota & Jubei
Dakota Dakota
Demon Queen Ishtara


Here are prelim sketches and designs for my Dark Bane series. ________________________________________________________________________________________

Vicoriel Morgana Victoriel1 lancelot Dame Storm Dame Storm Selina sketch


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