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Welcome to one of many art galleries for KnightQuest. This is my fan art gallery that contains rough sketches and finished artwork.
Since this gallery was first created, I've created more theme galleries and I've since moved art from this page to the other galleries. Links to the other galleries can be found at the bottom of this page.
I just want to point out that most of these pictures were done years ago. I've improved somewhat.

KoF A character from the King of Fighters series.
Hero Hero from RPG World
RPG WorldThe major cast from RRG World
wonderwoman Another Wonder Woman sketch, unfinished.
Wilykit wild This is a sketch of all grown up Wilykit that I did a few years ago way before the Wildstorm comic drawn by Ed Benes.
spideychick I've heard various people say that the hardest part of drawing Spider-girl is her mask. It makes it hard to see that she's female. So I redesign it a bit.
androids Head shots of the androids from Dragonball Z.
The Lesson The Lesson This is a two page story I did years ago in hopes that it would get publish in a Gold Digger Annual.
Blue Mary Blue Mary from King of Fighters
Tenchi Masaki A profile head shot of Tenchi from Tenchi Muyo.
Washu sketch A sketch of Washu.
Midori Midori from the game Evil Zone.
Krystal Krystal from Star Fox Adventures
Lara Croft Lara Croft sketch.
Leila Leila from Futurama.
Deliliah Delilah sketch an asassin from Amazing Spider-Man #414.
Ingrid Third Ingrid Third Original lineart sketch and a color version of Ingrid Third from Disney's Filmore.
Poisonwind's Sakura Sakura headshot from Poisonwind.
NGE's Asuka Asuka headshot sketch.
Robin IV A sketch of the new female Robin/former Spoiler
Mario and Princess Toadstool a sketch of Mario and Princess Toadstool.
She-Ra a sketch of She-Ra, Princess of Power if I'm not mistaken.
Utena Tenjou A headshot of Utena as seen in the Revolutionary Girl Utena movie.
Yuffie a headshot of Yuffie from FF7.
Supergirl Supergirl sketch.
Batgirl A Batgirl sketch.
Cammy sketch Cammy Cammy sketch lineart and in color.
Amy sketch Amy sketch in color A headshot of Amy from Sonic X.
Rei Ayanami Quick sketch of Rei Ayanami.
Demona sketch Sketch of Demona from Gargoyles.
Dagger Sketch of Dagger based off a Marvel Knights cover by Joe Quesada.
Ryoko sketch Sketch of Ryoko from Tenchi Muyo.
Artias sketch Sketch of Artias from the webcomic Polymer City.
Sketch of Pochini or Pochi #1 from the anime Photon.
Sketch of a xenomorph from the Alien movies.
Jane Jetson sketch.
Quick sketch of Katara, Aang, and Toph from Avatar: The Last Airbender.
Sketch of Dr.Gruesome and Skeeter from Dr.Guesome's Movie Morgue.
Redesign of the Matrix Supergirl from the Superman Comics of the 80s.
Another quick sketch of my Matrix redesign. This is a more full body sketch and I was experimenting with the weird white kryptonian fringe on her right side.
Wendy O Koopa sketch Sketch of my version of Wendy Koopa from the Super Mario Bros. videogames.
Supergirl sketch.
Supergirl sketch.
Supergirl sketches.
Supergirl sketch.


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